Riding a Train! (video)

After lumbering around earth for 30+ years, I finally got to ride a real train for the first time last summer AND I LOVED IT!  If you’ve never done it before, I highly recommend it. 

I spent so much time staring out the window watching the landscape drift past that I hurt my neck.  And it’s sooooooo smooth, a train is sooooo smooth.  I guess I’m used to being a pedestrian and watching a train roll passed; the damn thing bangs and shakes so much it’s a wonder the whole thing doesn’t explode, but that’s because I wasn’t looking at the wheels – the wheels spin beautifully on a seemingly never ending path of gliding dreams.

By which I mean travel by train is awesome.

I know, these videos are agonizingly short, but that’s the point of vlog playlist on the ol’ youtube channel – just to give you a chick sense of something and boom, you’re done.  Also, I have my hands full with the movie, so getting proper web content up is nearly impossible.

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