Chris Christie is running for president… but not to win


Yeah, I know he hasn’t announced it yet (technically, I did it for him years ago), and I know we’re nowhere near a presidential primary victory for anybody (on the Republican side), but this is what’s going down: 

If you had been looking forward to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie becoming the commander in chief of the United States, I’m not only sure that it won’t happen, but more to the point, he doesn’t want it to. Governor Christie’s end game with his 2016 presidential run is not to win the presidency, but in fact to continue to raise his national profile. He’s an ambitious man, but I don’t think he is seeking higher office – he seeks dollars.

When you look at the things he’s done as New Jersey governor, you could argue that he’s doing his best to make friends with the right people, but my theory is that this is all about becoming famous. To run for President, you need money, and this guy knows how to cozy up to folks with money.

Here’s a recent example: Chris Christie’s office just settled a nearly $9 BILLION dollar lawsuit against Exxon Mobile out of court… for $325 million dollars.  As you probably know, Christie is the chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association.  And I wonder if Exxon donated to the RGA?


“Survey says…”

Yeah, the dropped a half million.  And no, they apparently never donated until Christie took over.

Chris Christie’s actual goal is to sell books and take over Mike Huckabee’s time slot on Fox News. As a loud mouth from New Jersey, take it from me – this is where this is going.  He sees lecture tours and autograph signings and piles upon piles of cash in his future – not an inaugural address.

The only oval shaped thing Christie is truly seeking is a spoon.

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