6 things wrong with the new WordPress posting page


The new WordPress.com posting system is now the default; you can never go home again – or rather, back to the old posting form.  This has been an optional beta post page for a long time and it doesn’t seem like they’re ever going to change the things I thought they obviously needed to update, so now that we’re stuck with it, here’ my laundry list of complaints. 


I can’t read this!
It’s hard to use a system when you can’t read it!  The new color scheme is kinda blue on on blue – reading blue text on a blue background isn’t easy and it’s also too small.

Sharing feature brings over HTML from the title field
As seen at the image above, the sharing feature grabs everything from your title feature, including any html.  (If you want to set your title to bold, italic, etc, you need to enter HTML in this field… at least it’s the only way I’ve been able to set it.)  I think this was a problem in the old version and it was really the only thing I hoped they’d fix… but here we are.

But the biggest problems are the things they dropped out of this new version.

Missing Feature: spell/grammar checker
Why’d the ditch the spell and grammar check?  It’d be nice to be able to toggle it on or off, but now it’s gone completely.

Missing Feature: post writer help
You used to be able to copy old posts to use as a template for new posts – this was helpful if you were writing a series, but yeah, that’s gone.

Missing Feature: can’t edit URLs anymore
You used to be able to edit the URL file name, but that feature’s no more.  I used to change “&” to “and,” spelling errors, stuff like that…


Missing Feature: no top menu bar
It’s nice to be able to access your WP admin while you’re writing, pop that open in a different tab and do your thing… except now, you can’t.  These days, you need to go to your site and access the menu from there; just one extra step, but an unnecessary one, especially given that the new top menu IS COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY WORTHLESS.

Hopefully, we’ll get an updated version of this atrocity that gives us back the old features we relied on, maybe tweaks or adds new features and most importantly, modifies the color template so I can actually read the damn thing without getting a headache!

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  1. it’s also missing the ‘sticky’ feature, too – there’s just a lot less to work with and it’s harder to SEE!

  2. you can’t add more than one tag at at time separated by comas – now, it just gives you one giant, useless tag

  3. spell check is gone

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