Sled Dog and Doorman!


Coming this fall to FOX!  Oh come on, you know FOX would have totally put this show on up against Friends in the 90s.

“He’s an Iditarod champion and he’s a doorman… at a building on the equator!  These two comically mismatched roommates are going to try to mush together in the new hit comedy everybody’s talking about – Sled Dog and Doorman!”

For some reason, I’ve started pitching terrible fake TV show ideas to Dr. MyFiancee because… I dunno.  It certainly does amuse me… and probably nobody else.  Look at that face Conny’s making – LOOK!  He does not seem amused.  But then, if our Perfect Strangers knock off is going to work, there’ll have to be controversy…

Sigh.  Remember when Family Guy was funny?

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