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I developed an interest in movies at an early age, but maybe my affinity for film would have flickered and died if not for Kevin Smith.  An everyman from my own New Jersey made movies I could connect with on so many levels… it’s hard to put into words, so instead, I’ll just go through his filmography and rank the movies from my favorite to the one I probably won’t watch again. 

It was close, but I have to give it up for Dogma.  This movie fires on all cylinders.  The writing, acting, photography, production design, music, even the light touches on the costumes…  this was a ballsy movie to make.  It’s got excellent flow, interesting characters and motivations and the requisite profanity – everything I’d want in a Kevin Smith movie is right here.  And I feel that nobody was even thinking about making this sort of religious fantasy action road comedy movie… it’s an amazing flick.

As much as I love Clerks and its insane rewatchability factor, I couldn’t give it the top spot.  This movie is, in my opinion, a case of Kevin Smith getting to an idea before anybody else, but I do think someone would have eventually made this movie – society was going this way at the time.  Anyway, amazing comedy, Clerks is not to be missed.

Red State
This movie is the only flick I’ve seen that jumps genres.  The beginning has this almost far-off documentary feel, then there’s this horror movie atmosphere, then it sorta jumps into a cop movie…  It’s kinda like Elephant, any horror movie and The Negotiator all rolled into one.  It’s the sort of movie that stays ahead of the audience – even with what I’ve told you, it’s nearly impossible to guess where it’s going.

Chasing Amy
This is another one of Smith’s movies where he was out in front of his generation; there just weren’t a lot of people making these sort of movies about sexuality at this time.  It probably helped that Ben Affleck was in it (in terms of getting attention post release cycle), but Chasing Amy is either as or more important now as it was then.

Clerks II
I thought this was gonna be a huge mistake in a “You went back to the well once too often” sort of way, but much to my surprise, the movie works well.  The chemistry between the characters is as alive as ever and seeing these characters at a different point in their life and dealing with different issues was interesting.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

I just like this movie.  This movie shouldn’t work as it’s cluttered with cameos, but it’s got a fast pace coupled with an excellent soundtrack.  You could argue that it’s a bit too similar to Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (especially the end), but it’s a fun ride… if you like Kevin Smith movies.  If not, you probably have no idea what everybody’s laughing at and could be kinda bored.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno
There’s no surprises in this flick, but it’s full of funny performances and it moves along swiftly, and that’s what I’m looking for in a comedy.

Cop Out
I feel like everybody hates this movie and maybe for a movie starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan it should be better, but I wasn’t board, it’s only 107 minutes… I think it’s a decent little comedy.  Not a classic, but if you like Smith, Willis and Morgan, you should check out this flick.

I know there’s a lot of you out there that love this movie, but… you know, it’s fine.  People love this movie, they think it’s a comedy classic.  I wouldn’t go that far and it’s worth seeing once, but that’s about all for me.

Jersey Girl
Yeah, I don’t really have anything good to say about this movie.  It feels more like an extra long premier episode of a sitcom rather than a movie.  I just never got pulled into the characters or their relationships… I just didn’t care.  There’s some funny bits, but I couldn’t find anything to latch on to – doubt I’ll ever watch this flick again.

I still haven’t seen Tusk or Yoga Hosers… sorry about that.  I hate to put up an incomplete list, but I’ll probably get to these flicks eventually.  If you think my list is right on or way off, I’d love to hear from you!  Drop a comment!

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