Icicles! Icicles!


In case it’s not clear what I’m trying to do with this title, here’s your musical aid: 

I am so sick of this winter.  It’s been too cold and there’s too much snow.  I appreciate that complaining about cold and snow during the winter in the north-east is about as useful as the Roll & Rocker (wow that’s obscure), but at this point, physical and emotional fatigue has set in.


In an effort to try to find the beauty in life, I’ve turned to icicles yet again.  They’re lovely, and, of course, dangerous.


There’s your problem…

The knuckleheads at the Weather Channel, who like being a network but have no interest in actually going into the field and finding actual weather related stories that aren’t actual weather events instead now do this BS Brain Storm thing (which I refuse to link to because F@ck them).  It’s an even lamer version of Mythbusters where, as you can see, they created comically large version of an icicle and dropped it from a great enough height so it could generate the necessary force to piece a windshield.  So, unless you live in a totally hypothetical universe, you don’t have to worry about this.

Anyway… yeah.  Snow. Winter.  Icicles… I dunno.  It’s getting harder and harder to keep up my whole “greatest city in the world” thing regarding the NYC metro area.  Hopefully, spring is right around the corner and it’ll inspire me to get back to my whole, “This is the capital of the world!” attitude.

But for now, f@ck this winter.


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