Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Review

The first season of Star Wars Rebels is over and although it was a bit clunky after the “Spark of Rebellion” opening, the show rounded it into a universe with interesting characters, plots and subplots. 

Rebels stars Freddie Prinze, Jr. and… well, other actors I’m not familiar with.  (Apparently, FPJ is married to Sarah Michelle Geller and she’ll join the cast next year.)  The show does a nice job of coupling the voice actors and art and bringing a performance to life, but you’re usually too distracted by trying to figure out how Storm Troopers could miss targets so close or why they just didn’t fire their weapon all together.

Still, Rebels is an entertaining watch and the episodes are short (like really short, barely over 20 minutes), so it’s not a huge time investment.  The show also does a fine job of developing character relationships and generating drama in a universe where the good guys cant’ die but can’t win, either.  (Remember, it’s a cartoon and it takes place before the original Holy Trilogy.)

There are so many moments when you watch season that always invoke the memory of Obi-Wan and Luke discussing “point of view” in Return of the Jedi.  Since “rebel” sounds heroic, that’s what the good guys are always called in the first Star Wars trilogy, but in this show, we see what amounts to a cell hassling an unpopular government, blowing stuff up, stealing, etc.  Maybe if the British had won the Revolutionary War, it’d be referred to as the Colonial Terrorist War…  “Point of view,” “history is written by the winners…” all that jazz.  Star Wars Terrorists doesn’t have the same ring to it, I guess.  The show is kinda timely in a way Star Wars usually isn’t – I feel like Star Wars was always the distraction from real life, but Rebels is closer to a reflection.  At its core, it’s a show about people fighting a government that wronged them – everyone has a personal grudge.

The show is great at giving fan service to people like me; we’ve seen Lando Calrissian, Grand Moff Tarkin, a bad guy with a double-bladed light saber, Yoda is heard but not seen, Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader both made appearances at the end of the season one finale, as does Bail Organa… there’s a Rodian with a computer thingy on his head like the guy that works with Lando in The Empire Strikes Back… they know how to hit my Star Wars button is what I’m saying.

I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but Star Wars Rebels has set the stage for what looks like some real fun in season two.  How it turns out and how all of this resolves before A New Hope, I have no idea, but… Darth Vader!  So now, I sorta don’t care because Vader’s in the house, ya’ll!
OK, we probably won’t’ see anything like this, but one takes what is available.

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