Maker’s Mark vs Maker’s 46


I like bourbon; it’s my favorite of all alcohol.  Near the top of this inebriated pantheon is Marker’s Mark, which comes from a distillery that makes… well, Maker’s Mark, and that’s it.  But not anymore.  Now, they’ve got Cask Strength (which I have yet to see in the wild) and Maker’s 46 because frankly, they didn’t have much choice regarding rolling out new products because of increased competition in the marketplace, what with your honey, maple, devil’s cut and who the hell knows what else.  But is a premium Maker’s worth the extra money? 


Maker’s Mark and Maker’s 46 are slightly different colors – 46 is darker. I know, you can’t tell in the photo – just trust me.

Frankly, yes – but only marginally so.

I purchased Maker’s 46 at Whole Foods because they got me by the BALLS with their “We sell products other stores don’t” thing they do.  Maker’s 46 is cheaper at Total Wine (basically everything is cheaper at TW), but I wasn’t driving out of my way and making another stop to save three bucks.  And while we’re talking about money, Maker’s 46, which is their premium product, will set you back an extra ten spot in comparison to the original.

But to the point:  yes, it’s worth it.

Maker’s 46 isn’t going to change your life, but if you like Maker’s Mark, I think you’ll enjoy Maker’s 46 more than it’s predecessor.  It’s darker but smoother; it really goes down easy.  I thought original Maker’s was an easy drink until I tried this.

So is it worth the extra money?  I dunno.  It’s certainly a better product.  If their goal was to release a better bourbon than the original, they did it, but it’s not going to blow your literal (or figurative) balls off.  I’d say it’s worth a try for Maker’s Mark lovers and probably a pass for everybody else unless you demand a smooth offering.


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