Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here


For some reason, I had a flashback to those “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here” signs I used to see on school buses.  At the time, I missed the obvious sexism because the signs usually just said,”Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here,” and I frankly had no idea what they were referring to.  Then, I saw the full version “Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here!  Clean Up After Yourself!” and as a day camp counselor, I went into, “OK gang, don’t leave anything on the bus – pick up the candy rappers, blah blah blah…” that sort of routine, but I’d double down  and get whatever they missed because I was in charge and they were children.  As it turns out, these signs still exist.

Seriously, you can go on Amazon and order one right now.  That is insane… wait, let me check my calendar – yep, that’s insane.  As it turns out, we’re not currently residing in the past.

Donna Reed in The Donna Reed Show – in case we are, in fact, as dumb as we look.

See how Donna Reed is just helping everyone get off to their day and she’s all satisfied she got them out the door?  That’s a fine way to live life (taking care of your family), but in my relationship, I’d be the one handing out lunches.  In the past, this was a default female role, but now I, as a man, would gladly (and handily, I might add) fill this role, but the sign assumes gender roles and there’s the problem.  The sign assumes mommy does all the cleaning and yeah, you could get away with this in the fifties, but I didn’t work at day camp while Marty McFly was trying to help Doc Brown generate the necessary 1.21 gigawatts to send him home and it wasn’t 1985, either…  although in my day, we had Benson, Who’s the Boss? and Mr. Belvedere, so I at least had some early exposure to non traditional gender roles.

Anyway, what I”m trying to say is F@CK that sign.

And the theme song to Benson rocked.

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