The Joys of Verizon FIOS VOD


I wouldn’t say we get this kind of issue every time we try to use Verizon FIOS Video On Demand, but it happens way too often.  I think that’s The Theory of Everything under there.  And that’s just where my complaints begin.  

So yeah, I’d say my first complaint is the biggest issue; the service just doesn’t work very well.  Then there’s navigating the god awful interface and when you finally find what you want, you get this mess.  God forbid you pause the thing; it’ll time out faster than you can get back from emptying your bladder.  Then, you have to navigate the interface again, find your rentals, reload the video and pray it works.  The fast forward and rewind controls will have you longing for the days of VHS because of my f@cking god they are slow!

God has nothing to do with this, I’m sure, but I don’t see any solution here other than divine intervention.

Let us pray!


Oh yeah, my favorite part – the up sell.  You just paid $3 or $4 to rent the movie, but for an additional fee that will bring your total cost to at least $15, you can “own” the movie, and by that, I presume they mean they’ll let you stream it anytime from their terrible VOD service which again barely freakin’ works.  Once you get to $15, you might as well go buy yourself a hard copy – at least if that breaks, you’ll probably be aware you scratched or otherwise damaged the disk and you won’t be stuck in perpetual Verizon frustration.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my mom’s house to do the weekly hard reboot of her Verizon FIOS Triple Play system.  Technology!  =)

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