Attention Must Be Paid: @thelindsayellis (formerly aka Nostalgia Chick)

There are lots of people out there making content exclusively for the web, but there’s hardly anybody that does it as well as Lindsay Ellis.  A Channel Awesome contest to create a companion show for the Nostalgia Critic series brought her to our attention as the Nostalgia Chick, but it’s clear that Ms. Ellis has a lot more to offer us than a look back at the past – her brand of criticism not only informs, it educates – and that’s an even more rare thing than simply making quality videos. 

Hence, Attention Must be Paid!  Observe: 

So… I’m not sure why I picked these examples.  These two are memorable, but probably not the best episodes of Nostalgia Chick.  But, they do serve my purpose.  Ms. Ellis’ videos don’t just point out the good and bad in a film, they talk about where they came from, why they come to pass and how they succeed and fail.  This is particularly effective when she covers stuff that the audience saw as a young person because your adult perspective so radically different, you’ve got the failings of memory to deal with and as kids, we just didn’t have the education or the experience to process what we were seeing.  (Well, we all knew what we were looking at on the cover of The Little Mermaid – that was clear enough.)    She helps us not only see what we missed but also expand our own gaze at what we’re seeing now.

And she has a dog!  (You get automatic points from me if you have pets.)  Also, she brought us Nella.  NELLA!  Comic timing is her true name!  (Yeah, I’m a fan of Nella.)

Check out Lindsay Ellis on her site, Chezapocalypse and follow her on Twitter so you too can better understand art, life and whether or not she’s stuck at the airport.

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