Better Watch Saul!

I think its fair to say that Better Call Saul is exceeding my expectations.  I don’t know what I expected… I guess I didn’t think it’d be as good as breaking bad.  I thought it’d take a while for them to find their way… It is and it didn’t.  The BCS team is killing it right now and they’re making it look easy. Here’s some of my favorite points and scenes from the show so far. 

From the word go, it’s brilliant
Bob Odenkirk is amazing.  That very first scene at the mall was so brilliantly executed by both him and the BCS team without a single word of dialogue… that’s just a thing of beauty.  This is my kind of show.

The Prosecutor’s closing statement
You’ve gotta love that scene in the first episode.  The Prosecutor never says a word, he just plays the tape.  What a face that guy made.

2002, Motha F@cker!
One of the great things about the Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad universe is the attention to detail.  Since this show primarily takes place before the events of breaking bad, everything always says 2002 on it, like Saul’s check in the video above.  And the cell phones have to be small and not smart phones…  I just love it when people go the extra mile.

Dick and Jane Embezzler
How stupid are these characters?  I love it!  They’ve convinced themselves that they’re entitled to the money they embezzled from the state.  And they bought a boat so big they can’t even hide it behind their house!

“I just talked you down from a death sentence.  I’m the best lawyer ever.”
The twins are along the same lines as the embezzlers; they’re just as stupid but not nearly as dangerous.  Hell, they’re even stupider because they have so little gain and so much to lose – getting hit by a care isn’t a great way to earn a living.

Nacho Grande
Tuco is just as crazy when he’s sober as he was in Breaking Bad when he was high on meth.  Meanwhile, Nacho is kinda scarier because he’s so controlled and measured.  At least you see Tuco coming – Nacho is unpredictable.

When’s it going to happen?
We know what we’re marching toward – the transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman (“You know… it’s ‘Saul Good!”).  The question is, when and why does it happen?  You can bet your bottom dollar (“bet your bottom dollar” – what am I, a Depression era huckster?) that it’ll have something to do with the embezzlers dropping HH&M and bad news concerning Jimmy’s brother.  That’s what’s fun about this show – we know where they’re going, we’re just watching how they get there and so far, the ride is awesome.

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