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Yeah, following me on Twitter will immediately make you feel uncomfortable… in a good way! 


Mekaneck is that guy’s name… he hung out with a dude in a bee costume called Buzz-Off because the 80s WIN!

The first step is to admit that you would watch the hell out of the Grey’s Anatomy styled drama Fifty Shades of Greyskull in which Adam is gay and Teela just can’t find a man who can serve her needs.  Also, I’m thinking that Fifty Shades of  Grey is going to be so bad it’s good-tabulous, but I can’t bring myself to give them box office revenue, so that one’s going to have to wait.

Anyway… Twitter!  I’m on it!  Following me will no doubt improve your life!

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  1. Okay – I’ve followed you! I tweet too much…. Lol 🙂

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