Regular Car Reviews (AMBP)

Attention Must Be Paid to Regular Car Reviews!  Why?  If I could only truly explain why “Gillette is the razor that I am holding in front of me…” is so funny, then that would do it justice.  Fortunately, you can just watch their videos and understand why RCR is awesome.

This is the greatest intro ever.  You’ve got to love that card:

My good longtime companion,
would participate in a spirited day of
gentlemanly auto racing in a controlled
environment be of interest to you
this fine morning?

That is brilliant.

There are so many reasons to like about Regular Car Reviews – the most compelling of which is probably that you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to love the show.  Seriously – I love my car in the way I love my keyword – it’s a tool that helps me get the work day done, but not much more.  Some people love their car, like LOVE it, you know?  This show is for them, but it’s for me, too, because the writing, voice over performance and editing is all amazing.  (That’s not to say the camera work is bad – it’s not, it’s just not as good as the other components of the show and nor could it be without a gigantic budget.)  If you like funny videos and have even a passing interest in cars or engineering or design, you’ll probably adore this show as much as I do.

At this point, I’m wasting your time – just go watch Regular Car Reviews!

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