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Disney’s Big Hero 6 is kinda the epicenter for a fun action adventure film that’s slanted toward a family audience:  it’s sweet, original and completely safe while still being a good time. 

Baymax-comic-book-versionDisney continues to ching ching ching cash in on buying Marvel Comics as Big Hero 6 is a little known property that’s just been sitting around in their archives.  Disney apparently wanted something unknown so they could put their own spin on it, and I think it’s clear to see their fingerprints, particularly in the relationship between Hiro and Baymax.

Speaking of Baymax – man, is he awesome.  His design is a significant contrast from the original comic, but then, so is everything here.  This is the sort of thing comic fans tend to criticize, but since it’s working so well, I think you have to tip your cap and salute an excellent adaptation.  But yeah, this Baymax: he is adorable, fun and even quite clever.  You can’t go wrong with this fantastic marshmallow.

I liked the design of the movie in general; it’s a future with some personality.  San Fransokyo is a cool idea and it’s got great design elements.  I also thought that the futuristic technology didn’t seem too far-fetched; one idea kinda leant itself to another in a way that I found easy to follow.  This goes for the movie’s general structure, too – it wasn’t needlessly complicated nor did it have much in the way of surprises, but its fast pace and (generally) interesting characters more than held my attention.

I think the biggest compliment I can give this movie is I thought it had a lot of heart.  Take Wreck it Ralph, for example:  that movie just didn’t affect me.  This movie is about family, friendship, who we are and who we count on… also, it’s a colorful world to look at, so it really gets high marks on all levels. Big Hero 6 might not be an innovative instant classic, but it’s a great movie.  I’m giving it an 8.5 of out 10 and I’m looking forward to the inevitable sequel.

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