First Impressions of Nintendo Wii U

We finally got Nintendo Wii U and I have to say that overall, I am digging it.  It’s not perfect (and I think they could make some easy tweaks to improve stuff), but it’s far from disappointing. 

I guess all modern game consoles are pseudo smart TVs now – I know the first Wii had these features, too (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, etc)… I dunno what I mean. It makes sense, I just never thought we’d care about these features, but I guess they’re so easy to add in, so why not? Having Netflix and Amazon Prime sure is useful.  So far, my criticisms of streaming video are limited to interface:  Prime lets you use the wii-mote but Netflix doesn’t.  Also, it seems that Youtube plays the video on both your TV and the new wii remote at the same time, which is terrible.  There must be a way to disable this…

My biggest criticism is kinda the console’s biggest strength:  there is too much wii u remote screen usage.  It needs to sleep more, especially when streaming video.  It just annoys me how battery life is gobbled up while we’re watching Netflix.  VERY annoying!  On the other hand, the remote is great as a tv remove; it’s just a universal remote, but it’s great to manipulate the guide with the d-pad and is a huge leap above using my tablet or phone.

Super Mario 3D World is the Dr. McShiz-mickety-lickets – and by that, I mean it’s a good game. I’m not that far along, but so far, it’s the most fun I’ve had playing a Mario game since Super Mario 64.  I am LOVING the cat suit!  If you’re a Mario fan, you’ve got to check it out.

I am really glad we didn’t pay for Nintendo Land.  (It came with our bundle.) It has a ton of mini games and a few have two slightly different mods (the Metroid options probably provide the most varied game play) and it’s not to say that they’re all bad or none of have replay value, but it’s not exactly blowing me away.  Luigi’s Ghost Mansion features a ghost banging your mii, so… that’s kinda awesome.  I really like the Zelda sword quest mode, but my arm gets tired quickly – probably because of my enthusiasm.  The Yoshi fruit game is fascinating, but frustrating.  I don’t hate it, but I can’t see myself playing it very often.  I imagine the Pinkman game is just a preview of the full game – that’s a neat idea (there’s a similar Captain Toad preview in Super Mario 3D World that made it clear to me that I have no desire to go on adventures with the good Captain), but I’m not sure I actually like the game.

I’d say there’s a lot to like about Wii U – we’re not that deep into it, but I am looking forward to getting the pro controller and playing a Batman or Call of Duty game but still getting my Mario and Zelda in – now that Wii has upgraded to HD, I feel like I’m truly having my cake and eating it, too.

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