A Word For and Against Watching Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is, without a doubt, the defining sports event not just of each year, but really, of all time… for Americans, at least.  There is no other day when so many folks in the United States gather around the television and tune in to the same thing – and for non-sports enthusiasts, there’s an entire cottage industry around Super Bowl alternatives – my favorite is The Puppy Bowl.

One can’t talk about The Super Bowl without bringing up the commercials – advertisers know this is the chance to hit more American eyeballs than any other, so they go all out.  The commercials have become a must see TV event in themselves, but is this a good or bad thing?  I can make cases for both sides. 

Pro: it’s a pseudo short film festival

You might say that’s a stretch… and I might say you’re full of bean dip.  (Super Bowl humor!)  I would argue that any art form has an agenda and even if the agenda is extracting money from your wallet, that doesn’t make it any less (or more) valid.  We’ve seen tons of memorable ads (I always tend to think of Apple’s 1984-ish spot) over the years – things that have stuck with us, and it’s not because we necessarily love the product.  I haven’t drunk soda with any regularity or had a Wendy’s burger at all in many years, but I still find myself asking for both a Coke and a smile and where, in fact, is the beef.

Con: it’s commercials

Then again, if you feel that half-naked woman (and sometimes men) trying to sell you overpriced junk you don’t need isn’t art, I tend to agree with you.  Commercials are basically short propaganda films and if you hate them and plan to DVR Super Bowl XLIX so you can watch it on delay and fast forward through the nonsense, I think that’s a great strategy.

Again, it’s easy for me to see both sides.  I imagine it’ll be the will of the room to watch the commercials this year, but if I had my druthers… I honestly don’t know what I’d do.

I’m too focused on my sandwich preparation right now.


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