Pitch Perfect (movie review)

I believe it’s accurate to say that Pitch Perfect is universally liked, if not loved.  81% of reviewers and a 83% of the audience gave it a positive review (Rotten Tomatoes), so that’s at the very least a consensus that people on earth like this movie… and I have no idea why.  It’s not that Pitch Perfect is terrible, but it’s nothing special.  The movie is telegraphed by a mile – after the first five minutes or so, you know exactly how it’s going to end.  To say there are no surprises (as long as song selection and an unusual amount of The Breakfast Club references doesn’t count) is like saying “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.”

I guess I’m picking that simile because I’m beginning to think that people are suffering from a mass case of the D stuff.

Or, the TV version is edited that badly.

Yeah, to be fair, we did watch this movie on ABC Family, so I’m sure there was editing beyond the weird (and obvious) removal of the word “boner.”  So a few risqué jokes aside, I presume we saw the entire movie and frankly, the movie is paint by numbers; maybe even paint with water.

There are some bits that don’t connect with me; no one should ever say, “The bad boys of a cappella just got badder.” That is a terrible, terrible sentence.  I also couldn’t figure out why Christopher Mintz-Plasse was hosting the auditions.  Or rather, why anyone was MCing the auditions, but I have no idea why they went out and got a name for such an unimportant role.  I also had the hardest time figuring out why they lost the riff off until they hammered the point home, so I was confused the entire scene because, for a few moments, I couldn’t follow the plot to Pitch Perfect.  (This is another terrible sentence that shouldn’t exist.)

I guess I’m going off a bit because folks like the flick so much and it’s so pedestrian.  It’s not terrible, but for a movie that sorta breaks the fourth wall and complains that all movies have predictable endings, this movie has the most predictable ending of all.  Was that supposed to be tongue in cheek?  I guess so…  but it didn’t work for me.

But, Pitch Perfect isn’t broken or anything like that; it has solid performances and all the necessary parts of a story, even said parts aren’t blowing me away.  It’s a fine little movie and if you like a cappella covers of pop songs dressed around the most predictable underdog/love story of all time, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this film.  For me, it’s a 6 out 0f 10.  I’d say this movie is for genre fans only (the Glee club).

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