100 Greatest Movies of All Time



This is as subjective as it gets, but anyway, I humbly present my list of the 100 greatest movies of all time in no particular order.

  1. Star wars trilogy
    1. Star Wars (A New Hope)
      1. That’s right, the whole Trilogy in one spot.  I couldn’t pick one, so I picked ’em all.  And the first one is, well, its friggin’ Star Wars is what it is.  It’s the movie that changed everything.
    2. The Empire Strikes Back
      1. And then Empire changed everything again.  Does it get any more famous than, “No… I am your father?”
    3. The Return of the Jedi
      1. I know there’s a school of thought out there that insists the Ewoks ruined the movie, but they don’t bother me – and I love the conflict between Luke and Vader in this movie.  The scene where Luke surrenders to Vader on Endor is my favorite of the entire series.  “That name no longer has any meaning for me!”  AWESOME SAUCE.
  2. Godfather trilogy
    1. The Godfather
      1. I know, I picked the whole trilogy – it won’t happen again on this list, I promise.  But yeah, it’s the first Godfather movie:  Al Pacino and Marlon Brando – and a cast of thousands.  It’s genius.
    2. The Godfather, Part II
      1. You know what’s better than The Godfather?  Part II.  Has anyone ever even tried to make a movie this ambitious before or since?  And this time, you get Robert DeNiro.  “I knew it was you, Fredo – you broke my heart!”
    3. The Godfather, Part III
      1. People have valid complaints about this movie – as do I – but  it’s a fitting end to the story.  I think they forgot that they were supposed to give Andy Garcia a bigger part… I think we were supposed to see his evolution, but, at some point when they get to Sicily, he’s suddenly turned into Michael for no reason.  “I’ll have everything ready.”  “Love somebody else.”  He’s a Michael clone… but why?  How’d that happen?  Oh well.  Anyway, this movie is iconic, my complaints aside.  “It wasn’t what I WANTED!”  “Just when I think I’m out, they pull me back in!”
  3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    1. I’m not a big Indiana Jones guy, but this movie is fantastic.  “Ah, Venice!”  “You brought my diary here?  To Berlin?  Into the belly of the beast?  I should have mailed it to the Marx Brothers!”  “She talks in her sleep.”  “Don’t call me junior!”  “I was the next man!”  “We named the dog ‘Indiana.'” “Son, I’m sorry – they got us!”
  4. Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
    1. Two foes face off… and never share a shot together.  It’s an amazing film.  “You are my superior officer. You are also my friend. I have been and always shall be yours.”  “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”  “Khan!”
  5. A Clockwork Orange
    1. This movie is bonkers.  The Beethoven’s 9th scene, Flat Block Marina scene, “Singing in the Rain,” the three-way…   whew.
  6. The Shining
    1. “You didn’t let me finish my sentence!”  Always let Jack Nicholoson finish his sentence!
  7. Full Metal Jacket
    1. This may be the most quotable movie of all time.  I know a lot of people think that movie goes downhill once the training scenes are over, but give it a chance and the second half will grow on ya.
  8. First Blood
    1. This is my favorite Sylvester Stallone performance of all time.  “Nothing is over!  Nothing!”
  9. The Wizard of Oz
    1. It doesn’t get much more iconic than the Wizard of Oz.  “I’ll get you, my pretty… and your little dog, too!”  What kind of a-hole threatens a little dog like that?  A lady who means business, that’s who!
  10. The Breakfast Club
    1. Another one of those quotable movies.  So static, yet still so epic.  Best John Hughes movie ever.
  11. The Dollars Trilogy
    1. A Fist Full of Dollars
      1. Remember when I said I was done picking trilogies?  Well, that was a lie.
    2. For a Few Dollars More
      1. Best ending of the three.
    3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
      1. Best movie title ever.  So much to love here!
  12. The Dark Knight
    1. See, I picked just one this time!  The other two Christopher Nolan/Christian Bale Batman movies are good, but this one is better than the other two combined.
  13. Memento
    1. This is the first Christopher Nolan movie I ever saw – it changed the way I look at movies, narratives… storytelling in general.  It’s a must see.
  14. Insomnia
    1. Another Christopher Nolan flick – it’s a remake, but I still love this movie.
  15. Godzilla vs.Megalon
    1. I know it’s just dudes in a tag team wrestling match in silly costumes on cheap sets, but I love this movie.  I saw it on VHS as a kid and I’ll never forget it.
  16. Kingpin
    1. I’d never seen a comedy like this before – a comedy classic for sure.
  17. Clerks
    1. Another movie I saw at a young age that affected me in a way I never really understood until this movie was 10 years old.
  18. Dogma
    1. Kevin Smith’s best movie ever.
  19. Batman
    1. I was about 9 when this came out.  To say it blew my mind is an understatement.
  20. The Man Who Knew Too Much
    1. My favorite Hitchcock movie – it’s stunning.
  21. Psycho
    1. You’ve got to admire the risk Hitchcock took here – amazing.
  22. Strangers on a Train
    1. I love the characters here – another Hitchcock triumph.  Awesome ending.
  23. The Prestige
    1. Christopher Nolan again.  Batman vs Wolverine!
  24. X-Men 2: X-Men United
    1. Before this movie, I never imagined someone would make a comic book movie with this kind of emotion.
  25. Vertigo
    1. I still can’t figure out what the chandelier in this movie means.  But it’s still great.
  26. TheBigLebowski
    1. You can take college level courses on this movie – it invented an entire school of thought.
  27. Shawshank Redemption
    1. This is kinda the best movie ever.  I’ve seen it… I dunno, probably 25 times.
  28. Clue
    1. This might be the best comedy ever – I’ve probably seen this flick 50 times…
  29. Commando
    1. This could be my favorite Arnold movie…
  30. It’s a Wonderful Life
    1. Such depth, way ahead of its time.
  31. The Usual Suspects
    1. This is one of the only movies that makes really good use of time jumping story models.
  32. Miracle on 34th Street
    1. The original.  PLEASE, only watch the original!
  33. Glory
    1. This is another movie that could be one of the best ever.  The performances are amazing.
  34. Goonies
    1. This movie transports you back to your childhood, especially if you’re my age.
  35. Die Hard with a Vengeance
    1. Best Die Hard by far.
  36. Casino
    1. So quotable!
  37. A Few Good Men
    1. Another quotable one – here’s a lesser quote:  “And the hits just keep on comin’.”
  38. JFK
    1. Amazing cast, amazing editing.  The flashbacks have flashbacks!
  39. Amadeus
    1. Another movie I saw as a kid when it hit the aftermarket and my mind was blown.
  40. Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Ring
    1. The best of the trilogy.
  41. Goodfellas
    1. Everything is working here – amazing.
  42. Philadelphia
    1. The movie that probably made Tom Hanks who he is today.
  43. The Deer Hunter
    1. I just didn’t see that ending coming.
  44. Never Cry Wolf
    1. Maybe the most underrated movie of all time.
  45. Silence of the Lambs
    1. This one never gets old.
  46. Back to the Future Part 2
    1. My favorite of the trilogy.
  47. Annie Hall
    1. Probably my favorite Woody Allen movie – certainly the most memorable.
  48. TheRoyalTenenbaums
    1. Wes Anderson’s best film.
  49. Fight Club
    1. This movie taught me a valuable lesson about paying attention and storytelling.
  50. The Devil’s Advocate
    1. More lessons learned here – and maybe my favorite Keanu Reeves movie.
  51. The Matrix
    1. Speaking of Keanu…  you kinda had to be there.  I don’t know if this movie would have had this impact if it had come out even a year later.
  52. Point Break
    1. This movie is so much fun!
  53. IheartHuckabees
    1. I heart this movie!  Easily one of my all time favorites.
  54. Scarface
    1. Go for the Al Pacino remake this time.  It’s the most quotable movie ever.
  55. Pulp Fiction
    1. Quinton Tarantino’s best movie ever.
  56. Cool Hand Luke
    1. What we got here is my favorite Paul Newman movie.
  57. Se7en (Seven)
    1. Not to spoil it for you, but it’s kinda the best ending ever.
  58. City of God
    1. This might be my favorite “We were kids, then we grew up” movie.
  59. L.A. Confidential
    1. A jaw dropping twist – wow.
  60. Apocalypse Now
    1. The movie that literally gave its lead a heart attack.
  61. Requiem for a Dream
    1. I’ve never really seen anything like it before or since, and I kinda don’t want to.
  62. Rear Window
    1. More Hitchcock
  63. The Untouchables
    1. I should have seen Sean Connery’s exit from the film coming, but I didn’t… classic.
  64. Citizen Cane
    1. The movie that changed everything.  It’s Babe Ruth level ahead of its time.
  65. Snatch
    1. Guy Ritchie at his best?  Maybe…
  66. Falling Down
    1. Another flick I saw as a kid… I’d never seen a protagonist like that before.
  67. Heat
    1. Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro in one flick – amazing.
  68. Fargo
    1. The movie that introduced us to the Coen Brothers
  69. Sin City
    1. The only movie that makes the black and white with colored stuff look work.
  70. A Beautiful Mind
    1. I’ve read that this movie isn’t historically accurate, but the story is told so well, I don’t really care.
  71. The Princess Bride
    1. Easily one of the funniest movies ever.
  72. Stand by Me
    1. I adore this movie.  It reminded me of myself at the time when it was new(ish) and it reminds me of myself at that age when I watch it now.
  73. The King’s Speech
    1. Colin Firth is the man – amazing performance.  “I don’t know, but he’s saying it rather well.”
  74. A Single Man
    1. Again, Colin Firth is just killing it in this flick.
  75. Conspiracy
    1. So many good actors in one movie.  It’s static, the movie is about horrible things… and I can’t stop watching it.
  76. Twelve Monkeys
    1. I’m still surprised by the ending even after repeat viewings.  I forget what’s happening because the movie weaves a spell!
  77. Terminator 2:  Judgment Day
    1. If you’re around my age or older, this movie blew your mind.  There was never a sequel like this before.  Arnold’s the good guy now?  Sorry, did that guy just… gel through those bars?  Our heads exploded like that scene in Scanners.
  78. Groundhog Day
    1. This is probably the funniest comedy ever with the most re watch value.
  79. Dog Day Afternoon
    1. Take note:  This is how you end a drama.
  80. Rocky
    1. Again, the ending – genius!
  81. Harry Potter and the PrisonerofAzkaban
    1. The best of the Potter series and an excellent film in its own right.
  82. The Graduate
    1. Again, what an ending.
  83. A Christmas Story
    1. Every scene is memorable and perfect.  This movie is a true Christmas miracle.
  84. Rope
    1. Hitchcock hides the cuts almost flawlessly in this play brought to screen.
  85. The Truman Show
    1. This movie gets more and more relevant as time goes on.
  86. Cast Away
    1. “I’ll be right back.” Oo… tough one.  Another amazing ending.  “You’re the love of my life!”  But… yeah.  Crazy ending.
  87. WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory
    1. The songs, the images, Gene Wilder!
  88. Blazing Saddles
    1. Again, Gene Wilder!  This movie is such a product of its time, yet ahead of its time, but no one would ever make a movie like this now… you just have to see it.
  89. Dirty Harry
    1. It’s the first in the series and it’s the best.  This is a creepy bad guy.
  90. Escape from Alcatraz
    1. I love the pace of this movie and Clint Eastwood’s calm performance – such a contrast to Harry Callahan!
  91. Robocop
    1. See the original, it does everything right.  (For example, why shoot a guy once when you could shoot him dozens of times?)
  92. This is Spinal Tap
    1. The first of its kind and the best.  Amazing comedy.
  93. American Beauty
    1. Suburban/midlife/teen life crisis drama.  I’m sure people tried to do this before and since, but Kevin Spacey helps – a lot.
  94. Adaptation
    1. This movie kinda broke my brain.  “This is the breakthrough I’ve been waiting for!”
  95. Dazed and Confused
    1. “If I ever start referring to these as the best years of my life, remind me to kill myself.”  SWISH!
  96. The Fifth Element
    1. I love this movie’s take on the future – I’d put it on this list for the production design alone.
  97. Watchmen
    1. There’s never been a comic book movie like this before and probably never will be again.
  98. TheIncredibles
    1. Easily my favorite digitally animated movie.
  99. Catch Me if you Can
    1. “Where you going tonight?  Some place exotic?”  This is what I call a biopic.
  100. The Blues Brothers
    1. Amazing comedy, amazing car chases.


Saving Private Ryan
I can’t remember why this one didn’t make the cut – it’s probably because of Vin Diesel.

Lord of the Rings:  The Two Towers
Shouldn’t of had Legolas surf down that staircase…

Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King
So much for burying the lead!  Thanks for telling me how it ends!

I still think the could have trimmed down the first hour

Blow, Ed wood, Donnie Brosco
All Johnny Depp, all great movies, all not on the list… I’m not sure why.

Being John Malkovich
I guess I felt I had to pick one of these movies and I Picked Adaptation.

Maybe it’s too 80s to be classic?

Better Off Dead
Again, maybe it’s too 80s.

The Hunt for Red October
Great movie… this should probably be on the list.

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  1. Shawshank = GOAT

  2. I don’t know why I hear him say “John, I’m sorry. They got us.” :/

    • Ha really? Never had that experience. But everyone always says “Luke, I am you’re farther!” But the line is, “no… I am you’re farther, son.” At least that’s what I heard….

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