The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Extended Edition (movie review)

I’m still in my post The Hobbit malaise and rewatching The Lord of the Rings is the only cure.  Now, we’re inching sorta closer to Mordor in The Two Towers

Like The Fellowship of the Ring, I’m a big fan of the extended edition even if it means more nonsense from Merry and Pippin.  Merry and Pippin don’t need to talk quite so much.  But for the most part, the Extended Edition is extra awesome, including the excellent Boromir flashback.


Your damn right.

There’s some directing bits I don’t like that really stick out in the The Two Towers.  I especially hate the need Peter Jackson felt to reestablish characters from the first movie.  I didn’t notice the Aragorn shot so much, but the Legolas and Gimli shots are really silly.  It didn’t help that they had to be done while they were running past the character.  “We’re gaining on them.  Come, Gimli!”  Gross.  (They got better at this; the shot where Legolas says, “They run as if the very whips of their master were behind them!” is masterfully executed.)  There’s also the part where Legolas surfs down a staircase on a shield.  And Frodo is back to falling on the ground again…  What can you do?  It’s a long movie and it can’t all be gold.

But, there is a lot of gold:  the remaining Fellowship chasing the Oruki (with the music going back and forth between their respective teams), Gandalf’s reappearance, Wormtongue’s little speech to Éowyn –


Gandalf releasing Theoden from the spell (basically anything having to do with Gandalf), Golem is amazing, Treebeard is awesome –

Blah blah blah – I like this movie a lot is what I’m saying.

“I take two steps forward, I take two steps back; we go to Mordor because we made a pact!”
This is, by far, the most frustrating aspect of the movie and the story in general.  Just when it seems like Frodo and Sam are going to get to Mordor, they realize they can’t get in via the black gate.  Then, when they try another route, they are captured and finally Faramir let’s them resume their journey.  Frodo and Sam make very little progress in this flick; it’s all backsliding, particularly in Frodo losing his fight with the ring, which he can now not even wear anymore.  This is interesting and I love The Dead Marshes, but it’s annoying, too.  I guess that’s how the second act goes for the hero sometimes.

If you’ve never seen these flicks, I’m obviously advocating for you to check it out.  If you’ve only seen the theatrical cut and you were a fan, then I wholeheartedly recommend checking out the Extended Edition.  There’s more than just Ents in the long version!

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