“Hi, I probably have a Porsche and I’m bad at shopping… On purpose.” #fail



First, the Porsche Parker got under my skin – now I’ve got this guy to deal with. 

I know it doesn’t look like it in the photo, but Target was slammin’ this day.  It was insane.  I’ve hated Target ever since that time they compromised my safety, but this trip was going OK until this guy.  Dr. MyFiancée went off on a mission to find a specific product and such was the crowd and our full cart that I elected to stay behind with our goods, hiding covertly in an empty aisle (not a lot of traffic in Greeting Cards during January).  This guy had a similar mission, but instead, he just hung out in the middle of a main thoroughfare.  He just stood there, playing with his phone and ignoring everyone, causing endless traffic flow problems that he was unaware of – and when his wife found him acting like a jackass, she dropped off the item, moved the cart to the side… and this dumbass just stayed where he was, standing in the center of the aisle, continuing to crush candy or whatever the hell he was doing.  This guy was just anti-social etiquette-ing all over the place, inconveniencing families three at a time.

It was something to see, and not because this ruined people’s lives but because his sense of self involvement was so intense – he just had no consideration for anyone else’s time.  This guy isn’t a murderer – he’s just a dick, which is too bad – we can do with less dick in Target.

Huh, that last sentence didn’t come out the way I meant…

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