The Interview (movie review)

Honestly, I’m not sure why The Interview is at 52% on the Tomatometer. It’s well performed, beautifully photographed, has a message (on some level) and most importantly, it’s a comedy and it’s funny.

As I’m sure you already know thanks to the flood of media coverage following Sony Pictures’ pulling this flick from theaters due to a terrorist threat, The Interview is the story of a celebrity interviewer (James Franco) and his producer (Seth Rogen) getting the interview that will change their careers – Kim Jong-un (Randall Park). Then, a CIA agent (Lizzy Caplan, who I’ll always love thanks to her work on Party Down), enlists the two to assassinate the leader of North Korea.

Hilarious antics ensue.

In terms of what happened in the real world with the movie, I see both sides: if you’re a Sony Pictures executive and your thought process is, “I’m not getting anyone killed over a Seth Rogen/James Franco dick comedy for any amount of money,” I feel ya. On the other hand, you should stand behind art and your artists and not give in to threats. It’s a tough call… and putting myself in Sony’s shoes, I tend to think I would have made the same call.

As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it. I like the digs it takes at celebrity obsessed culture and I love seeing James Franco play different kinds of crazy people. Seth Rogen’s character is kinda flat and underdeveloped, but the Lord of the Rings references made me so happy I’m overlooking that issue. Yeah, this movie was tailor-made for me – there were puppies. PUPPIES!

The movie makes a big deal of making that point that within this fictional reality, it’s far more valuable to humanize Kim Jong-un than to kill him… so why did they kill him at the end of the flick? I guess because it worked so well with Katie Perry’s “Firework” song.

The bottom line is The Interview is a comedy and it’s funny, so that gets it up to a 7 right out of the gate, but again, in many ways, the movie is tailor-made for me, so I’m getting it up to a 8 out of 8 – a solid B picture. If you liked This is the End or Pineapple Express, I think you’ll dig this flick.

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