The Running Man (movie review)

The The Hunger Games exists only because The Running Man blazed the trail.  There, I said it.  Deal with that!  

Not that anyone denies this fact – I just feel that it’s overlooked.

Anyway, The Running Man is a Stephen King novel adaptation that debuted in 1987.  You can tell Arnold Schwarzenegger is blowing up at this time because they even put his, “I’ll be back” calling card in the friggin’ trailer!  So this is prime Arnold time for sure.  Oh and just for fun, the movie takes place sometime after 2017, so that’s something to look forward to – unless all of the Back to the Future Part 2 jokes are already driving you crazy.

So Schwarzenegger  is your protagonist and Richard Dawson is your bad guy and boy is he going to work.  I love his ‘on camera’ performance – that is, when he’s actually doing the in-universe TV show and how wonderfully it juxtaposes with his ‘true face,’ the one that produces the TV show.

spoiler alert

This movie has so many wonderful moments – I don’t want to spoil them all, but here is one of my favorites.

“Now… Plain Zero!” is burned into my brain forever.

I also love it whenever they introduce any of the Stalkers – I especially love that old lady who picks Sub Zero… basically, anything in this movie that has to do with Sub Zero is PURE GOLD.

Look, I won’t go on and on – The Running Man is an action classic.  If you have any interest in the genre at all, you need to see this movie, and if it’s been a long time, check it out again.  It may be a little campy and cheap by modern standards, but it gets the job done.  This gets a 8.5 out of 10 from me – it’s not Arnold’s best movie, but it’s certainly a great one.

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  1. In interesting to get your perspective on this one. Nice review. Sadly, it fell a bit flat, for me. I felt as though they couldn’t decide on the right tone and in the end, they sacrificed some great opportunities with the subject matter in favour of making a brash, loud Arnie action vehicle. Good to have an opposing view, though.

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