Turbo Teen (tv review)

If you’ve realized anything over the last fifteen years, it’s that 1980s cartoons were so awesome that movie studios can’t wait to make hundred million dollar movie versions of childhood heroes. Turbo Teen, however, will probably never get the Tinsel Town Treatment, because… well, did you watch the video? However, I still find this show memorable as all hell. That counts for something!

As a kid… I can’t explain, but I just loved the idea of a kid that turned into a car when he’s exposed to heat and back to a kid when he’s exposed to cold. For some reason, as a kid…that was the coolest thing ever. I especially like the morphing animation. But, I guess nobody else gave two shizes because the show was only one for one season and a paltry 13 episodes.

In reality, the most notable thing about Turbo Teen is probably Frank Welker as the villainous Dark Rider. Welker is the voice behind everybody – from Fred on Scooby Doo Where Are You! to Dr. Claw on Inspector Gadget, Ray Stanz on The Real Ghostbusters, a ton of Transformers characters… it goes on and on.

Here, just watch this:

So yeah, Frank Welker is the man.

For me, this is pure nostalgia – Turbo Teen might not be the best of the 80s… hell, it’s not the anything of the 80s except the show I’ll never forget. If you dig this sort of thing, check it out!

This post is dedicated to my boy, THE F#CKING DOCTOR, because most doctors aren’t veritable wealths of every kind of information (including pop culture) AND a master of the ukulele.

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