Beauty and the Beast (tv review)

The 1980s was a magical decade. “Bad” meant “good;” we wanted to know what love was and wanted someone to show us – also, Return of the Jedi. Am I right, folks? I’m pretty sure I’m right.

And there was also the Beauty and the Beast tv series, which existed because… blow, I guess.

I love this intro – also, living in the sewers reminds me of TMNT, so that’s probably why I watched this show.

But as great as this sincere intro is, I’m concerned that you haven’t gotten a good look at the makeup job on Ron Perlman, so watch this.

He’s a kitty cat! Meow, Catherine – MEOW!!!

If you’re wondering how they got Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman… well, it was the 80s, man. Once again, there was a lot of blow around. It’s probably easy to get really excited about stupid ideas if you’re high on coke. That’s my theory…

Or at least that was my theory until 2012 when Hollywood tried this again.

It baffles the mind. Did blow make a comeback in the last few years? All signs point to YES.

Anyway, you can check out the original (I can’t believe I have to clarify that) Beauty and the Beast tv show on YouTube.

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