Forever Knight (tv review)

Ah, the 1990s. It was a different time. On the tube, television shows like Friends and Full House dominated the airwaves, but there were other programs to watch – such as three seasons of Forever Knight. My sister and I watched the hell out of this show… well, for probably just the first season.

If that opening video above doesn’t hammer the plot of the show home for you, check this out – it sounds like a fake pitch from an episode of 30 Rock.

Forever Knight is a Canadian television series about Nick Knight, an 800-year-old vampire working as a police detective in modern day Toronto. Wracked with guilt for centuries of killing others, he seeks redemption by working as a homicide detective on the night shift while struggling to find a way to become human again.

Now that is television! No realistic human drama, just ass kicking fantasy! This is my neighbors to the north getting it done, vampire style.


Canadians. Is there anything they can’t do?


Also: does the synopsis of Forever Knight sound familiar to modern television audiences?

Forever is an American drama television series about Dr. Henry Morgan, an immortal medical examiner in New York City.

I’m just saying… sounds kinda familiar.

It’s not that Forever Knight is some sort of forgotten classic or that, upon further examination (IE, Forever), television has come very far, but this show is still stuck in my brain 20 years later, so that must mean something. If you’re interested, it looks like a lot of the episodes are on YouTube.

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