Maleficent (movie review)

Maleficent is, for me, the exact sort of movie I don’t want, but I’ll take rather than sit through a remake. If I’m going to watch the same thing twice, at least give me a new spin on it – and this flick does accomplish that much.

Because of its subject matter (a well-known fairy tale turned on its head) and as it’s a live action film, the movie tries to have both a dramatic, realistic style as well as a painted, story book sort of look. They tried to strike a strike a balance between the two and for me, they failed. The stuff that was clearly CGI looked CGI (especially the characters) – practical sets looked like sets, and not in a good way. I think they had some great ideas, but it just didn’t work. There’s a ton of special effect shots in this movie, but I expected more from a $180 million dollar movie made by Disney in 2014.

On the plus side, I liked the performances of Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharlto Copley and Sam Riley. The rest of you folks didn’t have much to work with. Sorry about that. This isn’t the sort of movie where folks with smaller supporting roles find a way to elevate the material.

Another plus is the very end – it is awesome. Not the action sequence leading up to it – that is a snooze fest (although I do like the whole bit with the wings), but the final resolution to the whole “sleep like death” spell is easily the best part of the movie.

Maleficent has come to rest at 49% on Rotten Tomatoes (that’s ‘bad’ on their scale), but what it really means is just over half of critics gave the movie a bad review. I feel it’s important to point out that almost half of critics gave it a good review, which I too am inclined to do. It’s not exactly a classic, but then, few movies are. I’m giving Maleficent a 7 out of 10. If you had even an inkling of a desire to see it, you should check this flick out.

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