Snowpiercer (movie review)

Like The Interview, Snowpiercer was released online/VOD/whatever-you-call-it earlier this year. We watched it via streaming on Amazon for a dollar, and it’s one of the best values I can recall in entertainment.

It’s an action movie, there’s not going to be a series, the performances, visuals and story are all working… and again, we watched it in the comfort of our living room for a hundred pennies. You can’t beat that.

Chris Evans leads the cast in Snowpiercer – I don’t think there any scenes for which he’s not present. In a movie with a lot of good performances, Evans has no trouble keeping a Tilda Swinton, John Hurt or Ed Harris from stealing the flick from him – it’s the Captain’s movie. Swinton might be chewing the scenery, but it’s by design. Hurt is playing a wise old mentor, again, by design. Song Kang‑Ho and Jamie Bell round out the cast while Ed Harris plays a similar role to that which he did in The Truman Show and spills exposition, but again, it’s by design. It all plays well and everyone is more than up to the challenge.


There’s all sorts of interesting visuals for a movie that takes place entirely on a train except for a few seconds here and there. This is tied into the movie’s clever script. Things such as a string of barrels holding open four doors at once, the sequence when they go through the tunnel and the bad guys whip out night vision, the arboretum car, the club car, the aquarium car… lots of good stuff. Oh, and there’s cool images happening outside the train, too. And toward the end, we get one of those “just when you think you know me” sort of monologues from Chris Evans, which may be the best I’ve seen in his career.

Oh, and the ending?

Perhaps it’s enough to say that for an action movie, this screenplay goes above and beyond the call of duty and I LOVE that!

Snowpiercer is solid entertainment. It’s not the sort of movie I need to re-watch 10 times, but I’m glad I saw it. I’m giving it an 8.9 out of 10.

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