Hollywood is like the Aunt who keeps giving you stuff you don’t want


Disney releases concept art for their live action adaptation of their animated Jungle Book feature.  Wrap your head around that one.Yeah, so not only is Disney making a live action Jungle Book movie, but so is Warner Brothers because it’s public domain.  I imagine Disney’s will just be a live action retread of ground we’ve covered before while WB will give us a dark, gritty reboot starting with the death of Mowgli’s parents so it’s as much like Batman Begins as possible.  If this movie isn’t being produced by Legendary Pictures, I will be totally shocked.

Meanwhile, part of that whole Sony getting hacked/The Interview cluster flop is the revelation that people at their studio are excited to make a Men in Black/Jump Street cross over movie.  I know they’re both action comedy franchises but wow.  Seems kinda desperate.  I don’t know what audience wants to see that movie.

Anyway, Hollywood is weird.

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