Christmas Do Over (quick movie review)

Jay Mohr is one of those actors that I love (mostly because of Jane Austen’s Mafia!), but he seems to be doing a straight up Adam Sandler impression in Christmas Do Over. (KInda the way he does an Al Pacino impression in Mafia.)

It’s as if this was slated to be a Sandler feature film, but he dropped out and it got demoted to Mohr and a TV movie of the week. I’m totally sick of people ripping off Groundhog Day, and I’ve already seen the Christmas version of Groundhog Day in the debacle that is The Twelve Dates of Christmas, but this flick goes the farthest of any Groundhog Day ripoff I’ve ever seen.

And the movie comes complete with suicide attempts – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And more than that, they dug in a bunch of other cliches I hate, like a horny grandma, the new boyfriend that’s not good enough for the love interest and, of course, the annoying kid.

This movie is poorly rushed and cheaply filmed. Mohr is the only thing that makes Christmas Do Over watchable, but just to be clear, I’m not recommending this film. Go watch Mafia! instead.

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