Finding Mrs. Claus (quick movie review)

Can you handle the combined star power of Mira Sorvino and Laura Vandervoort? Yeah, I thought not. Or rather, you shouldn’t try. Because this movie stinks.

At this point in the review, it is necessary for me to point out that I am, in fact, a man, and while I am a fully committed man, I am not dead yet. As such, I would ordinarily use this opportunity to mention how good Mira Sorvino looks in this flick, but that’s difficult to do when they keep making her stand next to Laura Vandervoort. Keep in mind I’ve seen virtually nothing with either of them in it and that ‘Vandervoort’ is an excellent name for a beautiful woman. (Something about, “I’d like to see her Vandervoort”.)

The point of all this is the only reason to watch this movie is sit there and say, “Wow. Those are some beautiful ladies.” That’s because this movie is as smart as a pile of bricks, but the entire cast works their butts off to make it watchable. After the slightly original take for a Las Vegas setting (that doesn’t seem to really be Las Vegas – at least most of the time), it’s a paint by numbers plot that at least has some set ups and payoffs. On some level, the movie is ballsy, but it’s also completely forgettable. Any movie that focuses around Mrs. Claus in Las Vegas has serious balls on some level, but ultimately, Rudolph drops piles of doo doo with more personality than this movie.

Meaning I don’t recommend this one – don’t bother Finding Mrs. Claus.

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