The Nine Lives of Christmas (movie review)

The Nine Lives of Christmas is 2014’s new hotness from the Hallmark Channel. It’s… you know, a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie.

My biggest problem with this movie is the padding. The flick keeps showing us the same thing – they like each other, we get it. Just too many scenes with no new information. The writing isn’t terrible and the actors generally elevate the material, but The Nine Lives of Christmas has a serious case of “Captain I’m the Bad Guy,” meaning the bad guy is so over the top it’s comical. Then she disappears from the flick and the movie feels like it goes on for another forty minutes, bereft of any true conflict. The movie turns into a story about two people not being together for stupid reasons, which isn’t especially entertaining – particularly since the first half of the movie already beat the hell out of those story points.

There are problems, is what I’m saying.

The saving grace here is Brandon Routh and Kimberly Sustad, who both deserve to be in a better movie. Routh in particular is wasted on this flick. This dude oozes charisma and deserves to be in more (and much better) flicks. Superman Returns sure wasn’t his fault!

Ultimately, The Nine Lives of Christmas does not much to do with Christmas – or cats, for that matter. It has as much to do with Christmas as While You Were Sleeping or Die Hard. It’s just a story about two people falling in love that happens to take place at Christmas.

Its connection to the holiday is thin, is what I’m saying.

But there are worse made for TV Christmas movies out there (trust me), and most of them don’t have adorable animals. So, if you’re looking for something to watch, you’d do OK with The Nine Lives of Christmas, but I’m sure you could do better.

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