Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (movie review)

July 1, 1979. A day that shall live on forever in infamy. It was on this day that a terrible pox was released upon the suspecting world. They hoped it would never rear it’s ugly head again, but greed is a powerful foe; the allure of advertising dollars for cable networks is too great, and so, the unsuspecting masses were again subjected to Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July.

This is one of those movies you have to see to believe. As a kid, I always looked forward to the annual airing of the stop motion classic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It was a special holiday treat that always captured my imagination and it’s the flick that made me watch this bastardization of television. Sure, the style is similar, but the story is an insane mess. It features a Frosty the Snowman origin recap and sorta serves as a prequel to the original Rudolph flick – because we really needed an explanation for why Rudolph’s nose glows or why the Christmas that made him famous was so snowy in the first place.

This is easily one of the most bizarre movies you’ll ever see. For example: the bad guy in a movie that features Rudolph and Frosty as the protagonists is a wizard. AND he flies around in a chair pulled by snakes. I don’t know why flying snakes is more ridiculous than flying reindeer, but it is. Also, Rudolph fights them during the movie’s climax.

The plot is beyond convoluted; the evil wizard wants to displace Santa as head of the North Pole, which is best accomplished by extinguishing Rudolph’s nose… it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know why the wizard won’t just go shoot Santa in the head with his magic staff, but there it is.

It’s also super morbid. There’s something depressing about the flick overall – Rudolph’s weird yet super temporary illness, Frosty’s idiot kids who don’t understand life and death as well as their, “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” moment with Rudolph – oh, and the deaths. The DEATHS!

Best Quote of the movie: “I wish I could be with her one more time.” Frosty, moments before his death, regretting there isn’t more time so he can have one last bop with his wife.
I feel ya, buddy.

And again, let’s not forget the fun of seeing Rudolph fight flying snakes.

Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July is an abomination. This is worse than Pinocchio in Outer Space – OK, OK, maybe I went to far, but it’s that kind of bad. Watch at your own risk.

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