Holiday Engagement (movie review)

The Hallmark Channel is back at it again with Holiday Engagement. This movie has a plot that’s been recycled through the rom com genre a million times and isn’t even unique to the Christmas rom com sub genre. (Holiday in Handcuffs, anyone? The title’s even similar – and this movie isn’t nearly as insane as it’s predecessor.)

The movie is kinda static in location and tone and offers little in the story department, but the characters are kinda interesting and the performances are solid. This is the sorta movie I was ready to pounce on: it’s cheap, it’s corny, it’s a copycat of a movie that wasn’t that good in the first place… but it’s not that bad.

Yeah, I know that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, but that’s all I can say. It’s not that bad for the reasons described above, meaning Holiday Engagement’s success is attributable in part to the writing and mostly to the acting of Jordan Bridges, Bonnie Somerville and Shelley Long. I’m a long time Shelley Long fan (I’m all about Troop Beverly Hills), which made us watch this movie over other Christmas movies in the first place, and she did not disappoint. I’m not familiar with Bridges and Somerville, but they both got the job done.

Like most made for TV Christmas movies, Holiday Engagement is nothing special, but it’s not flat out awful, either. I can’t necessarily recommend the flick, but it won’t torture your soul. I’d file it under, “Not a great movie, but pleasantly surprising in it’s lack of awfulness.”

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