Let it Snow (movie review)

Candace Cameron Bure  (DJ on Full House) stars in 2013’s Let it Snow, Hallmark’s answer to a question no one asked regarding what happens when you take the name of a popular Christmas song and shoehorn it in as the title of your movie.

I don’t get why Boyz II Men’s “Let it Snow” isn’t in this movie.  (Probably because it would cost the production more money than they’d ever consider spending on music.)  The point is, it’s the perfect song for this flick if you must call your movie “Let it Snow” for no reason because Boyz II Men can make anything sexy (even precipitation), and these made for TV Christmas movies with a female protagonist are almost exclusively about a leading lady finding love.

Unnecessary Segway aside –


Cutting edge comedy!

In terms of actual synergy, ABC alum Alan Thicke (who did a great job of making himself look crazy on Celebrity Wife Swap), who played the dad on Growing Pains (which was part of the infinitely less successful 1991 Wednesday counterpart to TGIF, the hilariously named The Hump – Jeez, how do I know all this?), portrays a father yet again.  Except this time, he’s not full of tons of paternal advice but instead does more of Mr. Burns impression.

Playing opposite Candace Cameron Bure (Who apparently married a freezer since the last time I checked in with her… because brrrrrrrrrrr – get it?  Snow – synergy!) is Freddy vs. Jason‘s Jesse Hutch… I think he’s in that flick for about five minutes.

Anyway, recognizable faces!

I didn’t hate this movie in the sense that it’s not terrible.  It’s movie by numbers predictable, but it’s well executed and performed.  The pace and natural beauty help a lot, but mostly, Cameron Bure and Hutch carry this movie on their backs like it’s easy, and it’s not.  There’s some terrible, beyond corny dialogue (Thicke deserves a shout out for that monologue at the end – yeesh) in this flick, but they made it play.

It’s no holiday classic, but Let it Snow is certainly watchable (and by The Hallmark Channel’s standards, it’s Shakespeare), specifically if you’re looking for something with a plot that’s as much about romance as it is about Christmas.  And you can turn it into a drinking game – every time they mention a country (if they say “Finland,” for example) take a shot.  You’ll be on the floor after the first half hour and in the hospital by the time the flick is over.

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