A Very Merry Mix-Up (movie review)

Does this guy look a little like Norm MacDonald?  At least in this picture, right?

This time, Alicia Witt’s talents are being wasted in A Very Merry Mix-Up.  This movie exists because somebody thought While You Were Sleeping didn’t have enough of a Christmas edge to it.  

Or rather, because it’s easier to rip off someone’s idea instead of coming up with your own.  Creativity is for SUCKERS.

Yeah, that.

This movie better than A Snow Globe Christmas, but only just.  Here are a few specific items that stuck in my craw.

Anti Tofu Agenda
This movie has an anti tofu agenda.  Tofu is used in the movie as the embodiment of yuppie a-hole-ism, as in, no one who orders tofu at a restaurant is relatable to a general audience.  Guess what, Hallmark Channel?  I eat tofu.  This doesn’t mean I’m some sorta foo-foo jerk or that I hate tradition.
F U, movie.

Let’s play a game!
The nice family in the movie plays a game consisting of the following rules:

  1. each player writes down something nice about each person in the room
  2. each player receives the blurb written by other players in an individual container (a drinking glass)
  3. each player reads the comments written by them and then must guess who wrote said comment

That’s not much of a game, but even in the movie that invented this boring plot device (and it is a plot device, by the way), every player succeeded in guessing who wrote their blurb every time and this really didn’t reveal much (if any) new information about the characters.

Here are some creepy mannequins that are supposed to be snow sculptures or something
You’ll have to see it for yourself.  I have no idea what they were thinking.  It seems to me that the production had access to the mannequins and wrote them in because it was cheaper than any other option.

Speaking of options, here’s a list of things they could have used instead of the creepy mannequins.

  1. actual ice and/or snow sculptures
  2. christmas tree decorating contest (because, you know, it’s Christmas and not the 74th Annual Let’s Dress Up Creepy Mannequins in the Park Contest)
  3. anything that will not make the faint of heart run panicking into the night

There’s catering to your audience, and then there’s this movie.  Overall, A Very Merry Mix-Up lacks originality, surprises and is padded beyond the stretch of credibility.


You could argue this movie gives Hallmark viewers what they want, but there’s a line, and they crossed it.  Boo, A Very Merry Mix-Up – BOO!

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