The Santa Suit (movie review)

The Santa Suit stars Kevin Sorbo and… other actors. I guess the above video is from an early edit, but “stock shot to come” tells you all you really need to know about this flick. You might hear the name “Kevin Sorbo” and think, “He’s sorta famous – this might be decent.” Well, here’s Sorbo’s opinion on the final product:

Yeah, this movie isn’t any good.

The Santa Suit is everything you’d come to expect from a cheap, made for TV Christmas movie. It looks like production on this flick lasted for maybe two weeks. To say that Sorbo is phoning it in might be an understatement, but then, everyone else working on the movie was, too.

I didn’t pull that two weeks figure out of the air – there’s about 8 locations in this movie and I bet they hit each location for a day or two and then moved on.

  1. Kevin Sorbo’s office
  2. a street
  3. the toy store
  4. Santa set
  5. the shelter office
  6. the shelter bedroom
  7. the kid’s house
  8. the kid’s bedroom

There’s just enough locations in this lazy A Christmas Carol knockoff (Sorbo is Scrooge, Santa is the Ghost) so you don’t get completely bored, but there’s something about that Santa set that just reeks of film studio Obviously, Santa sets at a store are something that just get thrown up in a few hours, but for some reason, this one looks terrible and I don’t believe it’s in that toy store for a minute.

As I’ve mentioned before, I can never figure out the rules in these magic Santa movies. In this flick, a little girl wants a doll. Santa is real and has magic, but last Christmas, the sweet little girl didn’t get the doll. Why not, Santa? So you could teach Kevin Sorbo a lesson the following year? I guess the ends justify the means as the little girl’s life will be much better in this scenario, but… Santa is kind of a dick.

Also, feel free to hum the theme to Quantum Leap any time Sorbo looks in the mirror and he sees Santa’s reflection instead of his own.

It’s cheap, it’s lazy and it features a washed up television actor… The Santa Suit is nothing special. You’ve been warned.

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