Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus (movie review)

When it comes to made for tv movies, you’ve got your Lifetime, your ABC Family, and then, waaaaaaaaaaaaay down at the bottom of the barrel, your Hallmark flicks. Such is Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus, featuring the star power of Steve Guttenberg and Crystal Bernard.
That’s not a joke.
Yes, Christmas movies made for television don’t tend to have a ton of big names, but somehow, the reanimated corpses that is the career of Steve Guttenberg (some of the Police Academy movies and Crystal Bernard (Wings… you know, that TV show, Wings? Meh, you don’t know. Even if you were alive when this show was on, you didn’t watch Wings. When people say “Wings,” they mean Paul McCartney.)
What I’m saying is, if you were in this movie’s target demo when the movie came out (women over 20), you’d say, “Oh, I remember these two!” And Hallmark hoped that’d be enough to get you to watch.
It was, Hallmark. We watched your flick. Mission accomplished.
So, how’s the movie, you ask?

Yeah, that about sums it up.
There’s just not much to look at, and it’s clear exactly where this movie is going from the beginning. To say it lacks drama is an understatement. There’s bad movies and then there’s bad movies by Christmas movies made for television standards, and this is the latter.
On the other hand, Steve Guttenberg and the cast take their work seriously, even if the production team and screenwriter could care less. Crystal Bernard’s still got it, too, so while the movie is painful, it could be much worse.
I guess this movie has camp value, so if you’re looking for some ironic laughs, I guess Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus is worth a watch. Anyone seeking proper Christmas entertainment should look elsewhere.

To experience the pain of this movie’s sequel, click here.

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