Jurassic World and Pan (Baffling Movie Trailers)

Today on Baffling Movie Trailers, we’ll tackle some big budget monsters heading our way in the shapes of dinosaurs and a boy who won’t grow up.

Jurassic World is baffling on two fronts:

  1. I can’t believe they’re making another one of these (although I really shouldn’t be, given the Transformers franchise).
  2. The trailer actually intrigues me.

Really, there’s some interesting stuff in this trailer.  I like the premise; the idea that the park is actually open is fantastic.  Hundreds of people being trapped on an island with a dinosaur is a great concept.  I know they tried more of a disaster-ish approach in Jurassic Park:  The Lost World and obviously, it didn’t work, but this has potential.   I also like the sea life in the trailer – that’s something we haven’t seen before; as is the hybrid dinosaur.  However, I’m super annoyed that Chris Pratt isn’t playing an all grown up Tim from the first movie – seems like a missed opportunity to me.  But Chris Pratt is great, so that’s enough to get me to see this flick.

As for Pan… I’m not sure I need to see this movie.  The reviews are going to have to very positive to get my butt in a seat.  I just don’t need an origin story for Peter Pan – that’s usually not the most interesting part of the story, anyway.  Who wants to see Peter Pan not fly?  That’s what makes Peter Pan awesome – he can fly!  (Because… you know, people can’t fly.)  Anyway, my expectations are super low and for now, I’m waiting for home video or skipping this one all together.

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