Black Friday of DEATH! or This Christmas, get her a Crossbow!

The Christmas shopping season is upon us! The deals are already out there! And it’s not just jewelers, TVs and toasters, no! We can gear up Chewbacca style!

(What I’m trying to say is, Chewbacca’s weapon is a crossbow… not sure that’s clear.)

I guess I just don’t live the sort of life where I find a crossbow under the tree on Christmas morning. I thought that was because I’m not a hunter, but the notes say is has, “Enough speed and power for any game,” so… should people be hunting the most dangerous game of all with this crossbow?

(Spoiler alert, the most dangerous game of all is MAN.)

I thought “Carbon Riser Technology” said “Cloaking Technology” when I first glanced at it. And I kinda want to know what “Reverse Limb Technology” is, don’t you? For some reason, I think it’s extremely cute that it comes with a site.

Anyway, I’m intrigued that weapons are available as part of the holiday discount season. Black Friday is truly black! Or rather, covered in the blood of the innocent, I guess. Or, in the case of The Running Man, criminals, so not so innocent.

Either way, Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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