"Meanwhile" – the series finale episode of Futurama (tv review)

(You can skip the first two minutes of the above video.)

“Meanwhile” is the series finale episode of Futurama, one of my top five favorite animated shows of all time – and it’s probably in my top 10 of favorite TV shows over all. Minimal spoilers from here forward!

Like most (if not all) Futurama episodes, “Meanwhile” has heart. I liked how the show evolved and this episode is the logical conclusion. I’ve always loved their brand of drama and sci fi (my favorite example is “Time Keeps on Slippin'”) and I got exactly what I wanted. There’s fun with time, an epic scale and finally, an ending that makes me feel like even though there won’t be any more episodes, the Planet Express crew is still out there, somewhere, doing what they do best.

That. Nobody does stuff like that the way Futurama did it.

Anyway, here’s the end.

Farewell, Futurama – I’ll miss you!

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