Edge of Tomorrow (movie review)


I liked the idea of a Groundhog Day styled sci-fi war movie (Add 2 cups of the Saving Private Ryan invasion scene – yeah, I’m already leaving the conditioner joke behind and moving onto cooking metaphors), but Edge of Tomorrow didn’t exactly knock me off my feet.

I thought this premise had a lot of promise (premise… promise… hmm… my own alliteration is distracting me), and I liked the first hour or so of the movie, but as it went on, I began to lose interest in the characters. In the early goings of the film, Tom Cruise’s Bill Cage (Ha, get it? He’s in a time loop – or, cage!) is interesting… at first. However, as he becomes hardened to war and takes the horrors he sees as a matter of course, I lose interest in him. Emily Blunt’s Rita isn’t an especially interesting character in the first place, so there’s not much there, and I never had much interest in J Squad. Sure, Cage told us about those folks, but maybe if the movie had shown us some interesting interaction between them, I’d care about them – but I don’t.

That’s the problem – at first, you identify with Cage’s plight and Rita’s bad-assery, but ultimately, the character development is weak. The movie’s very premise doesn’t allow much development from Rita (although we do see another side to her – a little bit – eventually) and Cage goes from an interesting jerk to a boring boy scout – which is the wrong direction – but character development nevertheless. Meanwhile, you’ve got this faceless enemy with no motivation, so I don’t really hate them so much as I sorta don’t want them to kill the boring heroes.

Again, if the characters were stronger, maybe I’d care more – I guess Oblivion raised my expectations unfairly high for this sort of action romp.

Still, Edge of Tomorrow isn’t bad, it just doesn’t live up to its potential. If you’re a fan of action movies it’s worth seeing – I’m giving it a 7 out of 10.

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