The Wall Street Journal is for everyone! (And by ‘everyone,’ we mean rich people and Jim & Pam from The Office)

You can’t slip this sort of thing past Dr. Girlfriend!  She can spot an income inequality piece with the best of them.  I guess The Wall Street Journal isn’t necessarily trying to market themselves to the widest audiences, but this is a bit much even for them.


I’m pretty sure this doesn’t happen, unless we’re talking about that one episode of The Office, “Frame Toby,” in which Jim buys his parent’s house so they can retire without telling Pam.

Please keep in mind that The Office the is fictional.

This article is just… well, I think the point Dr. Girlfriend and I are trying to make here is that it’s  not relatable.  Consider:

Faith Zelenko ’s husband, Cliff, called her at work one day to tell her there was something he wanted to show her.


“Spoiler alert, it’s not my junk…  this time.”

This guy’s version of a surprise is a million dollar apartment in Manhattan.  Jeez!  If this is what he does for a 40th birthday, what does he do for their 25th Wedding Anniversary?  Because, that’d be for both of them…

I hear Paris is lovely this time of year.  He could buy that.

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