Baffling Movie Trailer: Minions

I loved the first Despicable Me; it’s a near perfect movie. Then, we got Despicable Me 2: The Search for More Money. That movie is, you know… fine. It doesn’t really need to exist, but it didn’t put me to sleep. But now, we’re getting a sort of prequel in the shape of Minions because… I dunno. Money, probably.

If anyone expects me to believe that there’s people out there that really want to tell the origin story of the Minions – I don’t believe that, is what I’m saying. Now, is there the possibility for a quality film here? Yeah, it’s possible. In fact, the prospect of a movie that features protagonists who only speak in a fake language is intriguing to me. But, I gotta tell you – I have serious misgivings and I have no interest in dropping money at the theater to see this flick.

I know the movie business isn’t a charity, but most flicks aren’t such blatant cash grabs. This is cynical even for the industry that’s brought us four terrible Transformers movies. I don’t think people are clamoring for Minions movie. At least I’m not; I just don’t care where the minions came from – well, I already know, actually. They came from Toy Story.

After watching this trailer, I guess Minions will answer the question no one ever thought to ask: “Why didn’t the Minions accidently kill Gru?” But I think we know how they got this cast together – it probably has to do with a large role of Benjamins.

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