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I don’t want to drag you through my whole original programming spiel, so here’s a quick recap: I liked it when the folks at Cracked would site around and complain about things, but when they started branching out into more situational episodoic stuff, I got all kinds of leerie. Shows like Rom.Com and Adventures in Jedi School just weren’t doing it for me, but then Welcome Back, Potter emerged as a breath of fresh… Aguamenti (that’s Harry Potter speak for water, not air, bug you see what I”m saying), if you will. It kinda fizzled out at the end, but Monster Management is the real deal.

I’d say the answer is to just let Daniel O’Brien write everything, but he wrote Rom.Com, so… I dunno. It seems to me that the harder they try, the less I enjoy something… for example, the episodes of Monster Management are all around 6 minutes and the Rom.Com episodes are all at least 8 minutes long. Maybe it’s that Monster Management feels closer to Cracked’s snarky origins and has an original take where as is kinda… Rom.Com well, I’m of Rom Coms, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I feel like Cracked is back on track – and I’m sure they were all sitting around their office explaining, “Oh no, boo hoo – Jamie is unhappy with some of our newer content! Whatever shall we do?!?” This is a good thing. If Cracked can take it to the next level and get a full, twentish minute series or a series with more than just a handful of episodes going, that’d be a good thing for entertainment in general.

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