GAP’s new “Gauntlet” ad reminds us holidays are terrible because we have to spend them with our family

This new GAP ad entitled “Gauntlet” features a young lady making the introductory rounds at a family gathering.  Considering this ad just launched, it’s a safe bet that this is targeted to the 2014 holiday season… and it might sorta be the best ad ever.

The thing that really sells the idea that “The holidays are horrible because you have to spend time with your terrible, terrible family, but at least you can look fabulous!” is the actress’ performance and the inclusion of Johnny Cash’s “I Got Stripes.”  The song is not (in my mind) a metaphor – the song is about wearing prison stripes because you’re in prison.  This GAP ad is saying that spending time with your family in a stripped sweater is like being in prison.

That’s kinda awesome.

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