"Storm's Coming" is my most hated, overused movie cliche

I was starting to do research for a supercut of people saying, “Storm’s Coming” or “There’s a storm coming” from various movies, but Jukka-Pekka Bohm‘s supercut features everything on my list and more, so I’ll leave well enough alone.

I can deal with cliche action and images in movies, but for some reason, cliche dialogue cuts me right to the core. When Hagrid tells Harry Potter there’s a storm coming in Order of the Phoenix, I die a little inside. You pretty much have to be Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises to pull that line off. (It helps that the rest of her line is well written.) I presume that we, as people, latch onto cliches because they ring true to us on a basic level – we can connect with them easily, so it’s a quick way to push something across.

Or maybe it’s just lazy writing.

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