Aliens (movie review)

FOX wanted to get a sequel to 1979’s Alien out right away, but it didn’t happen until director/screenplay writer James Cameron got it out there in 1986. It was worth the wait!

This second installment in the Alien franchise is something of a genre flip. The first movie is a slow burning thriller that saves all the action for the end, but the second feels more like an action flick through and through. In many respects, it’s very similar to the first movie in terms of plot and beats, but it all works. In fact, it sorta works better.

This time around, we’ve got memorable, if flat characters. Bill Paxton’s improvised, “Game over, man; game over!” is easily one of the most iconic lines from 1980s film. The audience can’t wait for Paul Reiser to die, Jones the cat has been replaced with an adorable little girl, Michael Biehn… kinda fades into the background until most of the marines die in the first assault, Rico Ross is one of my favorite movie badasses, ditto that on Al Matthews – one of the best movie sergeants ever.

When it comes to visuals, Aliens goes for a more vivid look where as the first installment is kinda like looking at paintings. The action is ramped way up, and the improved aliens as well as the addition of the alien queen are all welcomed. The music isn’t exactly John Williams, but it gets the job done – James Horner’s score is the definition of effective, even if it is repetitive.

I guess it follows the slasher movie playbook, but I’d say this is more in the action genre. If you’ve never seen it, check out Aliens, my favorite of the series – it’s a solid 9 out of 10 despite being a retread of the first one. (Unless you’re looking for a conversation piece or you love the franchise, I’d avoid Prometheus.)

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