Alien (movie review)

Alien is, for me, both the sum of its predecessors as well as the template from which many movies have copied. I guess that’s a complicated way of saying it’s easy to see its influences as well as who the movie influenced after its release. Or, let’s just say it’s a great movie.

Unlike most slasher movies of its ilk, Alien delivers via a slow burn like a Hitchcock suspense flick. The story in itself kinda has a plodding 2001: A Space Odyssey sort of pace while so many of those shots of the ship can’t help but make you think of that opening shot in the original Star Wars. There’s a great twist later in the story and some cool effects, but there’s no good look at the monster. I also don’t understand how the xenomorph goes from around six or inches to over seven feet tall in a few hours, but that’s how it goes.

That previous paragraph is all about praising director Ridley Scott and his team, but there’ also the great job he did with his cast as well as their own performances. There’s an early ensemble scene when everybody first wakes up that’s in the style of what I refer to as the “70s ensemble scene.” It’s the sort of scene that doesn’t really push the plot but instead helps us understand the characters, their relationships and the situation they find themselves in – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has a great example of this sort of scene.

Alien is a classic – it’s been inducted into just about every sort of film hall of fame that exists and if you’ve never seen it before, definitely check it out.

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