Some Scary Movie Reviews to get you in the mood for Halloween!

Since Halloween is on the way, I thought I’d scare up some SCARY Movie Reviews.

(That sentence is almost as scary as this list.)

Anyway, here’s some horror/thriller/slasher/etc movie reviews:  

Holy crap is this movie awesome.  Hitchcock himself couldn’t of done a better job. (OK, to be fair, Hitchcock would have come up with more interesting visuals, but whatever.) It’s a must see.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
This is more of a parody of a slasher flick, but it’s still a quality movie.

Carrie (1976)
I don’t think it’s aged well, but it’s certainly part of our cultural history and if you’ve never seen it, check it out.

The Shining
I’m not sure this movie makes a lot of sense, but it’s still a brilliant film.

The Shining (TV miniseries)
Makes more sense than the movie version, but it at least twice as long and unintentionally hilarious.

Friday the 13th (1980)
This movie has one of my favorite villain reveals and some really cool practical gore effects.

Friday the 13th Part 2
This movie is hilarious – I doubt it was scary at the time, and it’s just plain funny now.  Worst villain character design ever.

This is another movie that hasn’t aged well.  “Slow burn” is being kind.  Still, it invented the stalking POV camera technique that many slasher movies have blatantly copied ever since.  Definitely worth seeing, it’s just not the amazing film everyone says it is.

Halloween 2
I’ve always felt this one was a radical departure from the first flick.  Halloween kinda plods along, but the second one almost feels like an action movie.

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friday the 13th nes game over screen

Semi-related game over screen shot of friday the 13th NES game.

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